Frequently Asked Questions

Certification Courses:

How do I sign up for a Certification Course?

How much does it cost to take the Certification Courses?

How many hours does each Certification Course take?

I submitted my application for Ambassador, now what?

Does ViewSonic log my hours into a Professional Development system?


Why do some of the YouTube videos cover tools I don't have?

I’m trying to use the Throw tool to show a video but I keep getting an error. What’s wrong?

I’m using the Pen tool to write on a website, but my screen keeps freezing. I'd also like to save my writing, but when I close the Pen tool, the writing goes away.

The Palm Eraser gesture isn't working.

When I open myViewBoard, I don’t see some of the math tools.

When I look for my Drive files, especially SMART Notebook/PowerPoint, in the Magic Box, I don't see them. What should I do?

When I cast my Chromebook/iPad, I don't get any touch. Why?

The myViewBoard software keeps signing me out. What should I do?

Casting isn't working and Remote Control is unavailable. Why?

My ViewBoard randomly shuts off. What should I do?

While using the myViewBoard software, I lost my Windows taskbar. How do I get it back?

I plugged in my laptop but I don't have any touch. What should I do?

When I use the stylus, the pen color changes and I am unable to use any other tool besides the pen. Why?

I opened up Whiteboard, but it looks nothing like yours. What happened?