ViewSonic® Training Center

Welcome to the ViewSonic Training Center! Here you can learn and get certified in myViewBoard Whiteboard! To get started, choose your level below. If you're new, start with myViewBoard Graduate.

Choose your Certification Level Below

Our easiest certification to complete, helps you quickly learn all the tools available to you in myViewBoard!


This certification shifts towards lesson/content creation. You'll be challenged to use the myViewBoard tools to create an interactive activity!


Expert is an application only certification for those who are passionate about supporting others and sharing best practices.


IT Certification is for those who need to know the technical side of the ViewBoards and myViewBoard manager.


How does the Training Center work?

It's pretty straightforward. Each Level has videos, documentation and challenges that you need to complete. The goal of the videos is to model and show you how to use a tool, while the challenges give you an opportunity to practice. Note that you must complete Level 1 before you can move on to Level 2, and Level 2 before Level 3. 

After you complete a Level by passing the certification test, you'll be emailed a certificate and a badge along with a code that will allow you to access the next level test.