myViewBoard™ Educator

Section 1: Introduction

Welcome to myViewBoard Certified Educator! Level 2 is a little different and we focus somewhat more on pedagogy than just learning tools. Our goal is to help you think of innovative, engaging ways to use myViewBoard Whiteboard to enhance teaching and learning. To get started we'll look at some models to help us think about technology integration. This will help us self assess if we're using technology in new and engaging ways. We'll also explore how kids are learning outside of the classroom, to help us think about how we're reaching kids in our classroom. 

Goals of this course:

As a reminder, you'll need to complete Level 1 before you can pass the Level 2 Quiz. You'll be asked to enter a code for the Level 2 Quiz that you should have received with your certificate, after completing Level 1. If you had any issues please feel free to email us.

Section 2: SAMR Model

In this assignment you'll find a short reading and video about the SAMR model. As you read and watch, think about the following questions:

After reading the article and watching the videos, feel free to leave a comment answering one of the questions above in our myViewBoard™ Community. Remember you'll need to sign in with your myViewBoard™ account to participate in the discussion.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 3: Take the Review

Section 3: 21st Century Skills

As many have pointed out, we're already 2 decades into the 21st Century; so if we haven't fully grasped this, now is the time! In this unit we'll explore the following questions:

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Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 3: Take the Review

Section 4: Generation What?

Boomers, Millennials, Gen Y, Gen Z and now Gen Alpha? What does this new group mean for our schools? Born between 1995 and present day most students in our classrooms are from Gen Z or Gen Alpha. In this assignment, you'll learn about Gen Z and Gen Alpha habits. Note that the Adobe Educate report is a LONG report and you only really need to look at pages 1 to 9 (unless you'd like to read the detailed findings). Some of the questions to think about in this activity are:

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Step 1: Watch the Videos

Step 2: Review Digital Resources

Step 3: Take the Review

Section 5: Lesson ideas

For your final assignment in Certified Educator you'll need to create your Lessons/Activities. To help inspire you we've recorded some videos of activities we've made. In addition check out the articles which have some interesting ideas on how to use Interactive Whiteboards in the classroom. There's no Assignment Review for this section!

Section 6: myviewboard Educator Test and Lesson Upload

You don't HAVE to watch or read any of the content to pass this Exam, however, we highly recommend you do!

This exam has two sections:

1) Uploading your myViewBoard lessons/activities

2) Answering exam questions

You must get a 90% to pass and it's important that your lessons meet the requirements of the rubric below. We also don't want you to over think it! Do your best and share lessons that you've a) either already created or b) align to a content or area you're an expert in. Also every content area matters! This isn't just for math, literacy or other "core" content areas. Art, science, physical education and so many others are important! As our top myViewBoard Educators we'll also be adding these lessons to our Teacher Created Lesson section on our website. If you need inspiration, make sure you watch some of the videos in the "Lesson Ideas" section.

A few other housekeeping things:

1) Make sure when you enter your email in the form, it's correct, as this is how we'll send you your certificate

2) Whatever name you put, that's the name that will display on your certificate

3) You must upload at least 2 lessons/activities but can add up to 5 if you so choose

4) If you have problems, reach out via email, we'll do our best to help! 

Good luck!

Step 1: Review the Rubric

Step 2: Upload your Lessons and Complete the Quiz